$#*! My Dad Says

Dad BermudaJust like my mom, my dad had his own set of sayings, jokes and expressions that made him endearing, charming, silly, ridiculous and wise all at the same time. Here are just a few of my favorites.

  1. Ask your brother Jeffrey.
  2. How was the party?
  3. I love you sweetie-petite-ee
  4. Everyone gets one glass of soda.
  5. Major in accounting so you can meet a nice man.
  6. Where are the cookies?
  7. Start thinking about waking up for school. (6:30 am)
  8. Make it snappy!
  9. How was gym class?
  10. Are you taking care of your teeth?
  11. Oy!
  12. I never remember you and your brothers fighting.
  13. You should eat more junk food!
  14. Turn off the light when you leave the room!
  15. Ask your brother Stuart.
  16. dad couchHow many people were at the party?
  17. I love you Boober!
  18. Everyone gets one cupcake.
  19. What can you do with a psychology degree?
  20. Whose turn is it to buy cookies?
  21. Soon you will have to wake up for school. (6:45 am)
  22. What’s the rush?
  23. No gym class today?
  24. Your braces are costing me a fortune!
  25. Feh!
  26. You used to fight with your brother so much!
  27. You mean you like to exercise?
  28. Who left the light on?
  29. Ask your mother.
  30. Did the kids at the party bring gifts?
  31. I love you sweets-e-luchins.
  32. Eat as much candy as you want.
  33. Learn how to type so you can get a job.
  34. Who ate the last cookie?
  35. In 15 minutes you will have to wake up for school. (7 am)
  36. barbara and dad niagra fallsDoes Jim ever buy you pretty flowers? (always asked when discussing gym class)
  37. When was the last time you went to the dentist?
  38. Don’t ask.
  39. Go back to graduate school so you don’t have to type anymore.
  40. Are you sure you turned the light out?
  41. Wake up! (7:15 am)

My dad may no longer be here, but I know he’s somewhere still saying this $#*! And I hope he knows I’m still listening.