Preparation H Always Gives Me Goosebumps..A Love Story

prep HThe first job I ever had that wasn’t babysitting or dog walking was at a drug store on Queens Boulevard where I was a cashier. My friend Liora  got me the job  when we were seniors in high school. She was already working there and she got the job through a guy in her homeroom class that worked there. This was the first of several crappy cashier jobs, but this one holds a special place in my heart. Here’s why.


In  1980

I was  coming of age

When Sasoons, perms, and Candies

Were all the rage


A friend got me a job

At a local drugstore

Heck; my allowance was a dollar

And I was tired of being poor


Incredibly awkward

Small and shy

I played by the boss’ rules

To ensure I got by


Early on in the job

I met a pharmacy pro

He was 18 years old

And seemed to be in the know


He filled in the gaps

Of my experience void

While we priced boxes of ointments

To treat hemmoroids


He was confident and smart

And had such a quick wit

I fell head over heels

And thought, “Yep, this is it!”


I chatted and flirted

For how long I can’t count

But all of my efforts

To not much did amount


I consulted my brother

My best friend at the time

Who helped  devise a plan

To give him a sign


“The next time you see him

Skip the peck on the cheek

Kiss him four times on the lips

He won’t be able to speak”


He got the message


But there were others

Who pitched a small fit


Mom cried, “What is his name?

Who is this boy?

He’s not a Jew!

You’ve hooked up with a Goy?”


One fun-filled summer

Hanging out at parks and the beach

Ending with me miles away

At a school out of reach


Colleges were attended

Responsibilities mounted

Years marched on

Too many to be counted


And then at the beginning

Of 2008

I had an idea

That I thought would be great


I reconnected to people

Thanks to Facebook

And found my true friend

And got my second look


After hundreds of emails

And a few false starts

I have  him again

Close to my heart


And as for my mother

After his 30 years on the bench

Now she adores him

And calls him a mench