Things I Was Thankful for in the 1970’s

As a young girl growing up in Queens, perhaps I wasn’t as introspective and reflective on Thanksgiving as I could have been, but these are the things I remember being thankful for.

  1. A mood ring that turned any color other than black or brown.
  2. The opportunity to own a pair of earth shoes despite my mother’s repeated reminder that they were the ugliest shoes on earth (although I think Crocs now hold that distinction).
  3. Clean tube socks
  4. Instant Pants
  5. The few times I still had my Pinky ball at the end of the day.
  6. A television set that showed a clear picture without having to stand on one leg with your arms crossed while holding the rabbit ears.
  7. The demise of the eight-track tape.
  8. Alexander’s record department.
  9. Crossing Queens Boulevard without getting killed.
  10. Finding enough money on dad’s night table to buy a Mr. Softee cone.

Today, I think much more about how thankful I am for having such great family and friends, but I’m thankful for all my wonderful 1970’s memories as well.


4 thoughts on “Things I Was Thankful for in the 1970’s

  1. Hi Barbara,
    What a delightful blog full of memories.

    And I particularly love this ‘thankful’ post. Many of the items spur fond recollections here, too – including eight-track tapes and mood rings. I had forgotten about earth shoes (can’t even remember if I ever owned a pair), but now that you mention them, the memory of that style is vivid.

    Learning more about Queens Boulevard is fascinating, too (thanks to your Wikipedia link). Queens sounds like a truly lively, fun and familial place to live and grow up.

    Instant Pants are fascinating! (We didn’t have those in Kansas City), but reading about bell bottoms and clogs made me smile. Also reminded me of a store, Jeans West, that was popular in our mall in the ’70s! Loved my bell bottom pants and jeans.

    Looking forward to catching up with more of your posts in this reflective, story-filled blog!


    • Hi Jacqui,

      I’m flattered you are reading my blog and getting a kick out of some of the memories. I guess every town in the 70’s had their version of Instant Pants!

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